Monday, July 27, 2009

Story Time Monday

We love a good food book at my house. We love reading about making food, playing with food, building with food.

How Are You Peeling is one of our new favorite food books. It's fun to see the crazy faces, but at the same time learn some new vocabulary for emotions and feelings that have from time to time. Each page is filled with crazy fruits or vegetables. Their faces are made from a simple exacto knife, fruits, vegetables and beans or beet juice for the face. I absolutely love seeing the imagination of this artist!

How can we talk about food books and not talk about Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs? This is one of my childhood favorites and now is one of my boys favorite books as well. We laugh and laugh when the giant pancakes land on the school and love finding the noodle-head man in the pictures. My two year old loves to walk around saying "tomato tornado" after each time we read this book. Sine it typically rains a lot where we live I love to joke with the kids and randomly yell, "WATCH OUT for the noodles(pancakes/broccoli/beans, etc.)" when we run to our car or are outside. They love it. The sequel, Pickles to Pittsburgh, is not one of my favorites, but worth a check out at the library.

Each time we talk about food this book, Take Me Out of the Bathtub, is going to get quoted. The book is full of fun silly songs and one of our favorites is Food Fight. Seriously, one of the lines in the song says, "got carrots in my underwear!" Talk about full of giggles! We love it!