Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Netherfield Park Revisited

Netherfield Park Revisited
Rebecca Ann Collins
5 Stars
I just finished the 3rd book in The Pemberley Chronicles and have to say that I loved it. Out of the entire series, it might just be one of my favorite ones.
Netherfield Park Revisted tells the story of Jonathan Bingley, son to Jane and Charles Bingley from Jane Austen's beloved Pride and Prejudice. I have to admit, I was sad and a little skeptical about reading a book about Jonathan. I really love the books that follow the women from this series, not the men. However, this book was not a disappointment. There is romance, history, stories of families, trials and triumphs.
I have said this before, with the previous 2 books in this series, but if you love Jane Austen, you will really enjoy this series. It is by far the most enjoyable, and true to her style sequels I have found out there. I cannot wait to read book four and book five. I pretty sure that they won't disappoint.
I suppose if I have to say anything to the contrary about this book, it would be I really wish the list of characters in the appendix were in a family tree form. Perhaps before reading the fourth book I will have to draw my own copy.


Jeanette said...

I have the first book in this series and I really need to read it!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree completely with Debbi- regarding Netherfield Park Revisited.
It is a truly gripping story of the problems challenging a family and an honourable and passionate man - Jonathan Bingley, faced with the painful consequences of a disintergrating marriage.I found it impossible to put it down and read it at a sitting; then re-read it - my heart going out first to one character and then another as the story unfolded. Strong,believable characters and a great tale well told- I loved it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Debbi,for your review of Netherfield Park Revisted. I purchased it the following day and pre-ordered "Ladies of Longbourn"as well and I have to say I am not disappointed. Both books are equally good and both are better than the earlier two novels in the Pemberley Series,because the writer is dealing with most of her own characters as well as Jane Austen's people. She seems more at ease with them and writes so evocatively about them, I could not help being drawn into their lives and the society in which they lived.
As we share their troubles and joys,readers will love Jonathan Bingley, his wife Anna and his daughter Anne-Marie- as much for what they are as for what they do in these two charming stories.
Carefully plotted and beautifully written, they are a must for anyone who loves the ambience of the Austen era.
Like Austen, Miss Collins has an eye for the ridiculous too- look out for Mr Griffin the lugubrious rector and watch for the return of Lydia Wickham- always good for a laugh.
Thanks again and keep up your excellent work
Mary Anne

Shelley said...

Just seeing your review fills me with longing for more Pride and Prejudice material! I will have to try this series out.

Anonymous said...

Dear Debbi, thanks for the chance to comment on this lovely series.
I have just received the fifth book-Mr Darcy's Daughter and I am determined to re-read all five books in order.
There is something remarkable about Miss Collins' ability to transport us back to the leisurely life of 19th century England; where together with the beloved Austen favourites from Pride and Prejudice, she brings us a fascinating array of characters.

This second generation of Pemberley men and women meke even more interesting reading.Cassandra Darcy,Emma Bingley, Caroline Fitzwilliam and Jonathan Bingley to name just a few, play vital roles in the continuing Pemberley saga. All their stories are credible and compelling tales.

Not to be missed by lovers of Jane Austen's classic and fans of this terrific period in Englsh history.
I cannot wait to read the rest of this remarkable series.

Anonymous said...

Debbi, I just loved these books and I am so happy to be able to say so on your blog.
Unlike so many sequels whch seem to have very little connection to the original novel, except the names of the characters, the Pemberley series actually continues the stories and extends the much loved characters of Pride and Prejudice into the new century- retaining those familiar Austen themes.
I believe books six to ten will be available in the US in 2009. Debbi, can you please confirm if this is the case?
I cannot wait to read them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Debbi,
Following your recommendation on My Reading Spot, I acquired all five books in the Pemberley Chronicles Series. Having read the first four books, I feel I have to say a big Thank you to you for having guided me to these absolutely gorgeous novels.

What a joy to find a new author who knows her material so well and writes so beautifully and so creatively to re-create the atmosphere and characters of Pride and Prejudice. Ms Rebecca Ann Collins has brought many old favourites like Lizzy and Darcy, the silly Mr Collins and the infamous Lady Catherine de Bourgh back to life and added many new characters like Cassy Darcy, Emma and Jonathan Bingley, Richard Gardiner and Caroline Gardiner who is my very special favourite person.
Ms Collins writes with such conviction and compassion that we the readers come to love and care for the characters as if they were our friends and we feel at home in their environment, despite the fact that it was over two hundred years ago.
I am truly enchanted and cannot wait to read the fifth novel- Mr Darcy's Daughter and look forward to the rest of the series next year.
Many many thanks Debbi for featuring this lovely series on your splendid blog site.


Anonymous said...

I have read all five novels of the Pemberley series so far and have been trying to get information about when the rest of this fascinating series will be released.
Can anyone provide some info please? I've tried the publishers website- no luck.
I love these books- they are a fabulous read- absolutely true to the spirit of Jane Austen and full of fun, love,sorrow and gentle humour. I would love to get the rest of the series as soon as possible.
Please advise......

Anonymous said...

I received this fantastic series of books for Christmas and I haven't been able to stop reading them. Now I want to know when and how I can get the rest of the series.
Can anyone please help with some information? No news on the publisher's web page.
Of all the Austen sequels I have read, these are by far the best.
So true to the original- so believable- I love them.


Anonymous said...

An answer for Sonia,
The rest of this fascinating series will be released in 2009 and 2010 by Sourcebooks in the same format as the first five.
However, if you cannot bear to wait that long- go to the author's web page at-
You can order the rest of the series in the original format.
I did and they are fabulous
Happy reading

Ingrid said...

Having recently acquired a copy of the original ( Australian ) version of the next book ( My Cousin Caroline) in this fantastic series, I would recommend it to anyone who is a genuine Austen enthusiast and not just a Colin Firth fan.
This is one of the most interesting volumes in the series and I cannot say enough about the character development of both Caroline Gardiner and Colonel Fitzwilliam- who are the main characters in this beautifully written novel.
For those who like a laugh- there is lots of humour too-as Mr Collins and Mr Bennet return to Pemberley for a visit that leaves Lizzy reaching for her handkerchief.
Flowing right across the five earlier novels , the love story of Caroline and the Colonel involves all our favourite people and is even more appealing to me than that of Bingley and Jane or Lizzy and Darcy - filled as it is with the joys, sorrows, successes and disappointments that attend upon all ordinary families- yet there is something very special about this pair which Ms Collins conveys superbly.
Caroline is so far my favourite woman in the Pemberley Series and I long to read more about her complex and extraordinary lfe. I do hope Ms Collins has something more up her sleeve for us in a later volume.
PS- for info- I am advised that the Sourcebooks edition will be out in the US this Fall- sorry, but I just couldn't wait.

Pat said...

Hello, this is Pat, saying thanks a million to Ingrid and Sonia for news about the US release dates and availability of My Cousin Caroline by Rebecca Ann Collins.

I've noticed that amazon is also advertising ( but without any informtion re dates etc ) the book that comes after My Cousin Caroline- Postscript from Pemberley. I do wish the US publisher -Sourcebooks would give us some advance info on their own website
I really enjoy these novels; I've read the first five and do look forward to reading the rest of the series.
Although I have seen a few negative comments from some readers, who seem to want the author to be another Jane Austen and others who only want more sexy stuff from Darcy and Lizzy- I have to disagree.
This series has given me so much enjoyment and information about the characters of P&P and the kind of society in which they lived -after leaving Longbourn, that I feel much more at ease in that era and I understand why people acted as they did. I am impatient to read more.
All best and thanks again,