Wednesday, September 3, 2014

{August in the books}

August was the month I decided to kick it in gear.  
13 books!
Besides, if I am going to make my goal I have to get cracking!  
Plus, when the boys were all gone on the hunt it was so quiet around here, that I was able to read 5 books that weekend alone.  

Wade and I redboxed the movie at the beginning of the month and it made me want to re-read the books.  I still love them in order, 1,2 and then 3.  I really don't like Allegiant much at all.  It seems to be like that with most trilogies, the first book is awesome, the 2nd so-so and the 3rd is kinda a let down.

I bought this to read to the kids, and then read it myself first.  I thought it was good, but not as good as I hoped it would be.  The kids have really love it so far.  And it really helps them calm down at bedtime and they have really got into the story.  We'll have to see if they want to read the second one when we finish, it does end in a cliff hanger.

This is a short little novela/book/chapter that goes along with the Wonder book.  I loved Wonder.  It is still one of my favorite books.  The Julian Chapter explained a lot and it was good.  I was glad that we got to read part of his story.

My sister in law wanted me to read this book. It is a non-fiction, true story. It tells the story of a woman who suffers from bi-polar disorder and her journey through medications and then finding a vitamin that works for her.  (My sister in law sells this vitamin, EMPowerplus Q 96).  I am not a doctor, or a scientist and I have really am not sure if this supplement/vitamin can cure everything that it says it can, but reading this book made me very grateful that I don't suffer from bi-polar disorder.

I think this was a fun book to read.  It made me want to keep running and he was pretty entertaining.  If you are a runner, or a beginning runner, or want to start running this might be a book you want to look up.  

I really love Money Saving Mom blog.  I was really interested in reading this book too, but I was a little disappointed that so much of the book was focused on couponing.  Maybe I was disappointed because I don't coupon? ha!  If you want to start couponing than this is an awesome resource you might want to look for.  I think she does have great ideas in that area.  I just don't think I can wrap my head around couponing at this point in my life.

My dad read this book and really enjoyed it, so he sent us a copy.  Wade is reading it too and really finds it interesting.  I don't think I thought it was as interesting as my dad, but it was interesting. (if that makes sense?)  If you are interested in history you would really enjoy this book.  It really made me think and I learned a lot.

I saw this book and thought it might be a good book to read and eventually have around as a reference book.  I was disappointed in it.  It really didn't have much advice targeted just towards women.  It seemed pretty dated too.  If you want a good running book, read the other one I read this month, or the running books I read in July.

My sister loaned me this book on my kindle and she thought it was good.  I thought it was really fun book and it totally sucked  me into the story.  Although, describing it is a little is about a magician who uses paper.  Exactly that.  But it's so much more!  It even is a little bit of a love story too.  The author's website really cracks me up too.  I am looking forward to some of the other books coming out by her soon.  I think if you liked A Great and Terrible Beauty you would like this book, or vice-versa.  I also noticed that it is free on Kindle Unlimited right now too.

I saw this book at the library one day.  It's a short read and reminds me of the movie 17 again a little bit.  But it was clean and cute and I really liked it.

This could have been my favorite book I read this month..or this summer!  I was laughing out loud the whole time while reading it.  If you love Jim Gaffigan you will totally love this book.  If you have not heard of Jim Gaffigan, you need to look up the hot pocket guy on youtube.  He's a (clean!) comedian who has 5 kids..and lives in NYC in a 2 bedroom apartment.  This book tells mostly about his family and adventures that 5 kids brings.  I seriously loved it and laugh when thinking about it.  I will be re-reading it again and again.


My book count total for the year is now 65.  I need to read 35 more books between now and the end of the year to make my goal!  Eik!  That seems like a lot, I hope I can do this!