Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Everything Meals on a Budget Cookbook

The Everything Meals on a Budget Cookbook
5 Stars
Linda Larsen
293 pages

This book was another great find I picked up one week at our local library. It had helpful ideas and 300 great recipes

I enjoyed this book and look forward to finding one to make my own copy. Like I've said about other budget cookbooks, if you are looking for ways to lower your families grocery budget you can't go wrong with these few books that I've found. Excellent!

Family Feasts for $75 a Week

Family Feasts for $75 a week
Mary Ostyn
5 Stars
304 pages

I always try cook books first from the library before adding them permanently to my own personal collection. This book is one that I would love to add to my own home library.

Mary Ostyn, a mother of 10 children and blogger has great ideas of how to save money. This book was full of ideas that I have started to use with my own family and I have loved each recipe we have tried!

I recommend this book if you are interested in finding out ways to save on your grocery budget, are looking for some new homemade recipes, or just for some great ideas!