Monday, August 10, 2009

Story Time Monday

Kindergarten. It's a big subject around our house lately and it starts in 3 weeks. I've been trying to check out books at the library every week that will help my 5 year old prepare. He has a lot of questions and these books are really helpful.

When you go to kindergarten, by James Howe is one of my favorites. The pictures are a little dated, and totally take me back, but they are actual pictures, not illustrations, which I think are helpful. It discusses great topics and allows me to have great discussions with my 5 year old about some of the things he is scared of or excited about.

Rosemary Wells writes some great great books about kindergarten. Two of my favorite books by her are My Kindergarten and Ready to Read. The books are fun and offer learning opportunities at the same time. I like that we can pick them up, read a few pages, put them down and then later continue where we left off. I've always checked these books out at that library, but I have really considered buying them for my collection they are so great!

This last book I am on the lookout for. Kindergarten Rocks. I want to find it at the library because it looks like such a fun book.

One last book we really love, and isn't necessary about kindergarten, Hey! I'm Reading, by Betty Miles. It's a fun introduction to sounds, processes and reading. I love it because it teaches but doesn't seem like work. We love to look at it and read parts of it and at the end of the book it has a few pages kids can learn to read all on their own.