Saturday, November 3, 2007

Miss Bishop

Miss Bishop
Bess Streeter Aldrich
5 Stars

If we could only have more people in this world like Miss Bishop. The story begins with Ella Bishop's first days at Midwestern College. Ella is a lively, spunky girl and the book is her journey through life. She cares for her mother, is a devoted friend and a constant. She is a teacher, and therefore a mother to so many.

Ella Bishop's life is not an easy one, but she never complains. She never takes the easy way out and she always does the right thing. The book has ups and downs. At some points I was so sad I was brought to tears for Miss Ella Bishop and at other points I was literally laughing out loud.

I started Bess Streeter Aldrich's more famous book, A Lantern in Her Hand, for a book club last year and I never could finish it. Miss Bishop was such a touching book that A Lantern in Her Hand is up next on my list.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pride and Prescience

Pride and Prescience
Carrie Brebis
3 Stars

It was Miss White, with the rope, in the ballroom. This book reminded me of a game of clue. It is a mystery and I picked it to read this week in honor of Halloween. I'm not much of a horror fan, and real life mysteries tend to really freak me out, so this was perfect. It was a fun read, but I must say pretty predictable.
The story starts where Pride and Prejudice ends. Mr. and Mrs. Darcy have just wed when Caroline Bingley announces her engagement and marries an American, when within the same week strange things start to occur. Fires, sleep walking, carriage accidents, even an attempted suicide. I have never been fond of Caroline (who is?!) but I found myself feeling very sorry for her in this book.
The author has a whole line of books based on Jane Austen books that I will be keeping in mind for the future. It's under 300 pages, so if you are looking for a good one-nighter or weekend book this would be something I would suggest.