Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mr. Darcy's Daughter

Mr. Darcy's Daughter
Rebecca Ann Collins
5 Stars

After a few months I am finally able to sit down and write a review for this book, in fact, over the past few months I've read it twice. I love it. The fifth book in this series, Mr. Darcy's Daughter continues by following Cassandra, Cassy, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth's daughter. I love Cassy and her strong personality. She is headstrong, intelligent and dependable.

In the book Cassy is faced with many challenges and comes out the heroine of the book with charm and class. While her brother Julian is struggling with his own family and work Cassy becomes responsible for many of the tasks of running the Pemberly estate. Later in the book she becomes fully responsible for raising Julian's son to become the heir of the estate. Romance is in bloom with Cassy's daughter when the family is introduced to a new young American. Mystery is also involved in this book and Cassy's son Darcy takes part of solving the crime.

I enjoyed the second half of the book and felt it moved fast. The mystery was a new twist to the series and I thought it added a fun addition to the storyline. My only regret is not rereading the previous four books in the series before reading this book so I could be refreshed with many of the characters and families.

I recommend these books to any Jane Austen or Pride and Prejudice lover. This series is hands down the best Pride and Prejudice sequel I have found.

The Choice

The Choice,
Nicholas Sparks
3 Stars

This was not my favorite Nicholas Sparks book. Usually I grab his books when I don't have a lot of time to read and I just want something light and easy. Sure, this book was quick and easy, and as usual, a bit predicable. I was disappointed with the end. I know with Nicholas Sparks how things will end, there will be a happy and sad part - this book was no exception. I want to know the percentage of people who wake up after being in a comatose state for so long? I have a good friend who's mother never did. I wonder what she would think of this book, I would hope she would never read it. I know a book is just a book and we all love happy endings, this one just bothered me. It's probably just me. I'll still read Nicholas Sparks.