Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 Recap

I knew that 2009 would be a doosie for me. We moved 4 times, I had baby #3, my husband graduated school and started residency (whoever out there things medical school is hard, is so wrong, residency is crazy we are lucky if we see him at all now!)

That being said - I didn't have really high goals to read a lot of books this year, I just wanted to keep reading - at least one book a month. I also wanted to keep up on my posts.


My book total, that I blogged about, for 2009 was 29. So at least I read 2 books a month. I'm pretty sure when I reread the Twilight series this fall it really boost my average!

As far as posting I was not so successful. I did a lot of catch up this year. It's hard, but I really don't want to combine my family blog and my book blog, so if my book blog gets behind, it will have to fall behind. That is the great thing about books, I can always make a stack of books I've read waiting to post and do it later! I tried, unsuccessfully to add a Story Time Monday to my reading blog. I like the idea of posting kid books and what we do with them but honestly I just don't see being consistent enough with it to bring it back full time.

Since I've started My Reading Spot, these are my numbers.

2007 - 34
2008 - 34
2009 - 29

My goals for this year are similar to last years. At least one book a month, perhaps two. I would love to keep track of the number of pages that I've read as well. I also would love to branch out and read a few more non-fiction or religious books this year. On a personal note I typically make it a goal each year to read The Book of Mormon "x" amount of times. (click for link) This year I am doing it differently, I am not setting an "x" amount, but just reading and studying - whatever the pace. Some days it might be a verse, some days a chapter or more, but something meaningful each day.

Here is to 2010 reading!