Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Where? When?

Here is a question I would like to know...where and when do you read?

I should be reading now, my children are asleep in bed for the night, instead I am blogging. I typically read in bed for 30 minutes before turning out the light. I also read each day during the boys hour and a half nap time. My favorite place for this is the love seat in my living room. It is right by my front window - has great lighting and fits my legs perfectly! If a book is interesting sometimes I cheat and turn on movies for them and I read sitting on the floor. I am a nut. Where is your favorite place to read? When do you read?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Story Time

I have always had this fear that my children will not like to read. I just love it so dearly that I want them to share my passion. Today was the first day of preschool story time and my little 3 year old was SO excited to have this back in his schedule. In story time today they read about alligators and then created one. It was so appropriate because I have been using our mornings together doing preschool activities and this week we are talking about the letter A.
I remember a few times when he was a baby he would cry each time I stepped into the library doors. Now I can hardly keep up with him as he runs in so ready to find books. Just last week as I was reading a few book with my baby I saw him from the corner of my eye pick out a book and throw it in the bottom of the stroller and run off - all this time thinking I had not seen him. How clever he thought he was. I'm so glad that he is finally excited about reading!