Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Where? When?

Here is a question I would like to know...where and when do you read?

I should be reading now, my children are asleep in bed for the night, instead I am blogging. I typically read in bed for 30 minutes before turning out the light. I also read each day during the boys hour and a half nap time. My favorite place for this is the love seat in my living room. It is right by my front window - has great lighting and fits my legs perfectly! If a book is interesting sometimes I cheat and turn on movies for them and I read sitting on the floor. I am a nut. Where is your favorite place to read? When do you read?


Susan said...

I actually get most of my reading done while eating lunch, since my kids are either in school or down for naps and hubby is at work. I also like to read in bed - I have an awesome adjustable bed, so I can read at the PERFECT position.

Lindy said...

I usually read at night in bed...until John rolls over and growls "Are you almost done?" He has bought me a few reading lights that have all quickly died. I keep giving him the hint to get me a nice one!! My PERFECT reading spot would be somewhere outside, but not in this Indiana humidity!

Kim said...

I read in the bathroom. It is the only place i get a few min. of quiet time. Nate is bugged because it shouldn't take me ten min. to pee. lol little does he know I am sneaking a few min. of reading time.

The Perry Family said...

i read after jackson's homework is done for the night and he and lauren are taking a bath. then i get to read again when they go to bed and finally i read when I go to bed. this is the case lately while reading the twilight series. i can't get enough of it. usually before that, i just read when i went to bed.