Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Stephanie Meyer
3 1/2 stars
by Debbi

I cannot tell you what I think of this book without spoiling it; that being said, if you have not started it, finished it, or want to sometime read this book in the near future – then stop reading now.

This is what I thought:
I agree with Kathy that there are a lot of irritating parts in this book. Since I am a Jacob fan, Edwards behavior was very irritating and made me love Jacob that much more. Bella was a big push over in this book. She needed to do what she wanted and let Edward deal with it. Everyone is so worried about making everyone else happy. I was surprised that it took so long for the pack and the Cullens to finally figure out there were both on the same side. I really enjoyed the conversation that Edward and Jacob had the night in the tent.

One thing I especially loved about this book is we got to know the history of some more of the Cullens – Jasper and Rosalie. Their stories were fascinating to me and I’m so glad that they were included. I secretly hope that Rosalie will have more influence over Bella in the forth book.

As far as the Jacob versus Edward issue, of course I am truly sad that she picked Edward, but I still am hanging on to hope that Jacob will be back in the fourth book. Bella hasn’t become a vampire yet – which I’m sure will not happen (if it ever does) until the end of the final book of this series. So there is still way more time for Jacob to make a good run for his money. At least she knows she loves him now. Some say that Jacob is too immature for Bella. Well, Bella herself is only 18 and Jacob is younger than her. I think teenagers are allowed to be immature. Edward can seem much too old to me at times. Marriage at her age? That is pretty young - but that does bring me to another point I wanted to make:

I must insert here that I am very impressed with Stephanie Meyer’s ability to write such an intriguing love story and keep it clean. There are parts that are so intense but the characters keep their morals. So many other young adult authors do not do this. One kiss between Jacob and Bella took up four pages – four amazingly morally clean pages!!!

I did not like the epilogue. I don’t like reading in Jacob Blacks perspective, I am used to Bella. I had a sick feeling that Jacob was going to imprint with Leah and then I would have to throw the book across the room and never look back at the series. I’m glad that didn’t happen.

I guess I will have to wait and see how the fourth book turns out. I don’t think I’ll hold my breath for Jacob, but I am still hoping that there is a tiny chance. I think it would be so sad for Bella to leave behind her family and friends. She saw a future with Jacob and I think she, in the end, might miss that. I know deep down that she will always end up with Edward. That is how these stories always go. But give me a break here,

At least a girl can hope.


Becky said...

I am a Jacob fan too. Especially in Eclipse when they are both there. It is hard for me to not see how much *better* Jacob is as a match. It looks like we share a lot of favorite parts. I loved the back stories of Jasper and Rosalie. And I also loved getting more of the werewolf lore.

I had the same horrible feeling that Jacob would imprint with someone. And I didn't want to see that happen especially with someone like Leah.

Erica said...

Edward wasn't pressuring Bella at all and he even admitted to jacob that he had asked alice if he could see if bella would be okay with him......he was way more mature about the whole situation than jacob was...or bella for that matter. He only cared what was best for Bella and only that...he even said that...even if it hurt him, but it was very clear that Jacob wanted bella to be happy and himself as well...selfish to me. It did bug that Bella felt like she had to please everyone...but Jacob was the one that made her feel like that...Edward realized he was doing this and it was making her unhappy so he stopped doing it...again maturity. Jacob is a nice guy but I just don't see bella and him this book was awesome for me! :) GOOOOOOOOO EDWARD!!!!!!! Jacob is a great guy and I really like him as a person, just not for bella. I think he'll imprint in the next book, even though he tries not to because he loves bella. I also think that bella and edward will get married...but at the end of the fourth book...

k so there's my opinion for it or not. that's what's great about having people around you who don't think or feel the same way about always makes me think and see things from a different perspective. Your book blog is awesome...keep it up!

chandra said...

Ok so I totally love Jacob too. But I like your friend Ericas look on Edward. He seems to really have a pull on Bella. I wish she did stand up to him but when you love someone so much why would you want to hurt their feelings? This book was great and I cant wait to read the next one. If I could guess the 4th book it will have Bella fighting for Jacob because he has imprinted with somebody. And she cant let him go...