Monday, August 13, 2007


Stephanie Meyer
3 stars
By Kathy
Ok, well I didn't hate this book. I read this one lickety-split. It was engrossing and enjoyable for the most part, but a few things bother me about it, and the more I think about it, the more irritating they become.

What is with the creepy guy behavior, and Bella's lack of a backbone? I was really frustrated with Edward's whole "I will not let you visit Jacob" deal. It was not chivalrous, it was borderline abusive. People in a healthy relationship do not try to control the other person. I really wish that Bella would have stood up to him a bit more and say something like "I will not allow you to treat me this way." Instead, after she gets so angry about that "kidnapping" by Alice, she forgives Edward after some making-out. Ugh! Of course there is also Jacob's "I will kill myself in battle unless you kiss me." Again, not a sign of a healthy relationship. And Bella goes right ahead and allows Jacob's manipulation to happen. I think Bella's behavior is especially troubling considering the teenage audience of this book. I don't want them to think that this obsessive and manipulative behavior equals true love.

The other thing that bothered me is Bella's whole "I cannot live without Edward" attitude. I think this has been building in me since the first book, but I really just want to shake her and say , "Buck Up! Yes you can!" I know she had a hard time in book 2, but that was only 6 months, and I believe she was getting better towards the end, and would continue to improve. And I admit that I would be more inclined to Bella's way of thinking when I was her age, but now it just seems immature and melodramatic. People, even young people, lose spouses everyday, but they continue on, and find happiness, maybe even love again. Is the idea suppose to be that Bella loves Edward more than anyone else loves their spouse? That they have some super true romance that everyone else doesn't have? Because if so, that idea is pretty insulting. And again, I wouldn't want the teenage audience going around thinking "I cannot live without (insert boyfriends name here)!" If my daughter were old enough to read this book, I would definitely want to discuss this idea with her.

So that is my frustration with Eclipse. I still find it an intriguing idea, and I will definitely read the next book, if only with the hope that Bella can grow up a bit and stand up for herself.

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