Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Ladies of Longbourn

The Ladies of Longbourn
Rebecca Ann Collins
4 1/2 Stars
I really enjoyed this book. I am still in love with this series. It's a fantastic series. Once I picked this book up I really had a hard time putting it down.
The Ladies of Longbourn follows the story of Ann-Marie Bradshaw, the granddaughter of Jane Bingley. The characters are so fun to read about in this book and well developed. I love finding more and more about this family. One of the main reasons I love series is you really get to know a family, and see their life develop, more than just one book's worth. In a good series the people become friends and real people that I care deeply for, and series has done it for me!
Since I finished this book over a month ago and am slow at posting the review, the only regret I can think of about this series is I want more about Elizabeth and Jane. I know that this follows their posterity, but sometimes I miss them. The first book in the series was perfect this way.
I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series, Mr. Darcy's Daughters. I was going to put it on my Christmas list, but I might not be able to wait.


Marianne de Zylva said...

Dear Debbi, I couldn't agree more- The Ladies of Longbourn following upon Netherfield Park Revisited - is such a lovely continuation to the Pemberley Series.
So glad you enjoyed it- and I know you will love the next volume. But do have a care Deb, the next title in this series is Mr Darcy's Daughter-( singular) NOT Mr Darcy's Daughters (plural) that's by someone completely different!
I am amazed that publishers allow such boo-boos to happen How confusing to us readers.
But when you get your hands on it- you will love it. I won't spoil your enjoyment with details, but this is a love story with a difference an every bit as intruguing as the rest of the series
But back to those lovely Ladies of Longbourn. I adored this book- the characters, historical ambience and style were all exactly what they should be in such a sequel. Like you I have been drawn right into the heart of the family and cannot get enough of them.
Strong complex characters combine with silly ones and even occasionally villainous types - to give us a delightful picture of life in Victorian England.
I am advised that Sourcebooks will relaese the rest of this endearing series in 2009. Can't wait.

Rebecca Ann Collins said...

Dear Debbi,
My attention has been drawn to the very kind things you have said about the books of my Pemberley Series. While I am not a regular "blogger"- I am writing through a friend of mine- to thank you for your generous comments. If you are interested, I would like to send you a couple of short items which wil give you some background information about the Pemberley Series and how I came to write them.
If you would like to receive them please send a message to Rebecca Ann Collins- through Danielle Jackson at Sourcebooks Inc. She will redirect them to my address.

So glad to know that you are enjoying the books. I loved writing them.


Jennifer said...

Thanks to you Debbi, I followed up and read all the books in the Pemberley Chronicles so far.
Debbi, what gorgeous stories they are and how beautifully written too- no obtuse, contrived language, no shocking sexual antics, many well developed characters, who act and speak like ordinary men and women whose lives are filled with joys and sorrows like most of us.

Yet, thanks to Jane Austen's original genius and the skill of Miss Collins in continuing these chronicles, they have become our friends, almost my family!!!!

I have read and re-read the first five books ( my favourites- are Netherield Park and Mr Darcy's Daughter ) and I am so impatient to read the rest of the series.
Thanks to you Debbi and to Sourcebooks, for bringing us this charming experience.
Roll on 2009.

Jenny said...

Dear Debbi, I too have read and enjoyed the first four volumes of The Pemberley Series and would very much like to know what you think of the fifth episode- MR DARCY'S DAUGHTER. It looks like a great continuation of this fine series of sequels- what is your opinion?
I know you are having a baby- congratulations! I hope you are both well and happy.
I do look forward very much to seeing your reviews when you are back on board again.

All the very best

Judy said...

Dear Debbi
Just a line to say "Good Luck with the new baby" and we look forward to reading your insightful reviews again- soon. ( Something to take your mind off the nappies and bottles! )
Meanwhile- I have an answer for some of your corespondents who have asked about books Six through Ten of the Pemberley Chronicles series by Rebecca Ann Collins.

I am informed that Sourcebooks Inc (USA) will be releasing two more this Fall (2009) and the rest in Spring 2010.

Dawn said...

Dear Debbi,
I have good news! ( as the say in the classics!) Sourecbook Inc advises that Books six and seven of The Pemberley Chronicles series- "My Cousin Caroline" and " A Postscript from Pemberley" are to be published this year in the Fall.
I know many of your bloggers have asked about this- and thought to pass on the info.
Personally, I cannot wait to read them- I simply love these books- they are the best sequels to P&P that I have read.
All best for the baby etc.