Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Lucky One

The Lucky One
Nicholas Sparks
5 Stars
It's no secret that Nicholas Sparks knows how to write a romance novel. He is a very good story-teller and I love his novels. This novel was no different.
Short and sweet, the book just a little over 300 pages. It only took me a few short hours to read. While I totally saw through it and knew what would happen from the beginning, I think that is what I love about Nicholas Sparks. There are no surprises and always a believable happy ending. His stories mostly tell stories that could really happen in real life between real people.
The Lucky One tells the story of Logan Thibault, a not quite 30, Marine veteran from Iraq. I have had a few friends that have been deployed to Iraq and come home and I could really see some of the struggles that Logan struggled with as a character happen to real people that I know. I would love to hear what someone thinks about the book that has been to Iraq and fought in this war. I'm sure that Sparks did his homework when writing the story of a veteran.
Overall, I loved the book. It got me out of reading slump that I've had for the past month of so. I recommend it to any Nicholas Sparks fan. (However, most likely if you are a Nicholas Sparks fan, you know that his books don't have to be recommended!)


benvfund said...

i agree, they do not have to be recommended!!! he is great, but you know what i thought about this one...his books are very real to me. The Guardian, The Rescue and A Bend in the Road are my faves of his. There was one book a while back that I got mad at, I think it was Dear John. I didn't like the ending to it. Nights in Rodanthe was a blah to me too...ending SUCKED!!! :) Love, Love the new background!

benvfund said...

haha i was signed in under the benevolent fund!! ooops!!! should be perry family!!! :)