Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Princess Academy

Princess Academy
Shannon Hale
3 1/2 Stars

This book was perfect for it's ideal audience. It's a young adult fiction about a village, Mount Eskel. Here the girls are informed that one will be chosen to marry the prince so they all must attend a Princess Academy where they will be educated on how a princess should act and be prepared to meet the prince.

Miri, the main character is a cute 14 year old girl who finds herself wrapped up in the competition to be top of her class. She is torn between her home at Mount Eskel and the chance for a new home in the lowlands. She makes new discoveries while at the academy that can change her life and the way of all her village.

The book was quite a nice surprise and very refreshing. It was fun to cheer for the triumphs of Miri, and each of the girls. If I would have picked this book up as a teenager, around 13 - to 16 I would have adored this book!

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Becky said...

I enjoyed this one, although I must admit I would have enjoyed it much much more if I'd found it as a preteen/teen instead of as a twenty-something. But anyway, it is a fun read. Have you read Goose Girl and the companion novels? I preferred them to Princess Academy actually. They were just very well done.