Friday, December 14, 2007

Goose Girl

The Goose Girl
Shannon Hale
5 Stars

I think that Shannon Hale is becoming one of my top authors of all time! She retells a classic Grimm's Fairy tale in this story and it is amazing! I read it so fast I was sad when I finally had to put it down. I can't wait to get my hands on one of the other novels that accompany it, Enna Burning, or River Secrets.

Asi, for short, is a princess that is promised to marry a prince she has never met of a neighboring land. On the way to her new kingdom her lady in waiting over takes her company and Asi becomes a goose girl while hiding out and waiting to return home or take back her title. The Grimm's fairy tale version is very short (one or two pages) and gives a very good synopsis if you want to figure out what the book is about - but if you know Grimm's version, or read it first, be warned that you will have the ending given away!

Hale created such a fun enchanting fantasy world for the story to take place in. There is love, suspense, lessons and friendships. There were points I was literally hanging on word for word! I love it! I recommend any girl from 10-18 read it!

My other favorites of Shannon Hale, A Princess Academy and AustenLand. She has an awesome website you can see by clicking here. She also graduated from my alma mater, the University of Utah - you can't can't go wrong with a Ute!


Andrea Morris said...

I just left you a comment on your latest blog entry.....

Shelley said...

Goose Girl is one of my reading challenge picks,and I'm so excited to read it. Thanks for the review. I loved Princess Academy, and would love to read all of her others.