Sunday, April 20, 2008

Suspense and Sensibility

Suspense and Sensibility
Carrie Bebris
3 1/2 stars

Short, cute and a little predictable. That is what I would say about this whole story if I had to describe it in a few short words.

Bebris has published 3 Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Mystery books and while I read them out of order, I have now read all three. Some of the plots seem a little far-fetched but they are mystery's and I suppose you can make anything go when you are writing a mystery.

I would recommend them if any one is looking for a weekend book. I've picked up all three of mine at the library and totally think they are worth picking up if you can borrow them or get them cheap on Amazon. I am not sure if I could re-read them, not that I think they were bad books, they were cute and were super clean (one of the main reasons I don't re-read) but I know the end - plus the ends are somewhat predictable in the first place.

In a nut-shell Suspense and Sensibility's plot has to do with Kitty and her soon to be husband. The Darcy's help her figure it out.

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