Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What to Read After Twilight

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I've been on a month long vacation and will return home next week - and hopefully have some good reviews to post; including my Edward vs. Jacob list - I re-read the series last week.

In the mean time I found this pamphlet at the local library today...does anyone else go to libraries on vacation? It just must be something I do - but when you are in a place for 5 weeks, what else is there to check out?

I think this had some really good suggestions - they are mostly Young Adult. I've read about 12 on the list - not including the entire Harry Potter series. I can't wait to check out some more!


The Perry Family said...

This is a neat list! I am going to run to and check out what some of these are about. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I am a huge Twilight junkie and just wanted to let you know about a series I love that is so good you cannot put it down. Oh, and it too is an amazing love story! It is The Mark of the Lion series/trilogy by Francine Rivers. It is NOT a young adult book-lots of adult issues but anyone over 13 can handle it. Rivers is a Christian author so that comes into play in the series but I promise it will be well worth the read! Tip: Do not try to finish book one, A Voice in the Wind, without having book 2 ready to read!

Richey said...

There are a lot of great Christian authors out there that can help you in teaching your children values. My kids love them and it gives us a fun activity we can do together.