Sunday, August 24, 2008

Emma Smith, Woman of Faith

Emma Smith, Woman of Faith
Anita Stansfield
4 Stars
I picked up this book while in Utah and it was a quick and easy read. True Anita Stansfield fashion. I thought it was a nice read and I did love reading more about Emma Smith's life and struggles. Some parts lacked and I really wanted more information, but I think there are more books on Emma that are available that might have more information then this book. This book was under 200 pages.
Emma was a true woman of faith. I can't believe all the trials that she went through and all the children that she lost. I really don't think that I could do it. She was amazing.
I recommend this book if you are looking for a easy read on her life. It did make me want to pick up my copies of The Work and the Glory again and re-read them.

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