Friday, July 1, 2011

A Weekend with Mr. Darcy

A Weekend with Mr. Darcy
Victoria Connelly
5 Stars
352 pages

I haven't read any books by Victoria Connelly before, but I was pleasantly suprised with this book! It was an absolute gem and such a fun book to read.

The story follows two women, Katherine Roberts and Robyn Love meet and become friends at a Regency "Jane Austen" weekend.  Both share a love for Jane Austen and also a love for the regency books by Lorna Warwick.

While away at the conference Katherine finds herself drawn to a man attending the conference, Warwick.  They become friends, and soon grow to more than friends.  But Warwick has a secret he is hiding from Katherine and isn't sure how she will react.

Robyn is attending the conference because of her love for Austen, but also to get a break from her long term boyfriend, who annoyingly keeps showing up at all the wrong times and in all the wrong ways during the weekend.  Trying to get away she ends up meeting another man, Dan, and is torn between her comfortable life and boyfriend and new beginnings and challenges.

In the end I felt this book was fun loving and a cute read.  It would be perfect for a weekend book or vacation or summer read.  I felt that Connelly had a talent for adding romance and passion without being too racy.

I think any Jane Austen fan would love this fun book.  I am already looking forward to Victoria Connelly's Austen Addict books that will be published this summer!  I can't wait!

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