Saturday, February 1, 2014

{January in the books}

I read 12 books in January.  I've found that my local library has a great collection of the "Time Out Classics" series and have really enjoyed reading through them on Sunday's this month.  They are short books and make great mini devotionals.

After looking back at my book list from this month, I picked my top six books:

As You Are, Sarah M. Eden
Sarah is my new favorite author and I have loved reading her books.  This  is the fourth book about the Joquil brothers.  I enjoy how they are connected, but not necessarily a series.  I hope there are more to come!

Longing for Home, Sarah M. Eden
I was saving this book to read this month because the second book would be coming up shortly after I read it.  I really enjoyed this book!  It is much longer than Sarah's other books and not regency, but I did find it kept my interest the whole time.  I couldn't wait for the second book as soon as I finished it!

Longing for Home, Hope Springs, Sarah M. Eden
I don't think this book has been released yet, but I was able to attend a book signing that Sarah did and got a copy to take home!  I was so excited!  I think I loved this book more than the first, which I think is a hard thing to do in a series.  I was very happy with the ending, but I do hope that Sarah writes some more books with some of the characters!

I have now read every book by Sarah M. Eden, with the exception of some of the Romance Anthology collections.  (Although I did read the Regency one and enjoyed it).  Those are fun books and I might have to read all of those sometime this year too.

Here we are at the book signing.  Wade had some work to do that night with his Dad and brother, so in a moment of weakness, I lost my mind and thought taking 5 kids would be easy.  Lucy was a compete mess. She is staring Sarah down in this picture.  She was ready for bed and couldn't figure out the hype. She wanted me to let her down so she could crawl all over the store and make a mess.  It was worth it to get a copy of the book though.  But next time I am going to leave the kids at home!

Head Mistress of Rosemere, Sarah E. Ladd
I read the first book by Sarah Ladd late last year and was very excited when I found out that she was releasing another one at the beginning of this year.  This book was a good clean romance.  I think they are interesting and not completely fluff like some regency romance.  I hope that she continues writing, I would love to read more books by her!

The Early to Rise Experience, Andy Traub
So I totally know and believe that my days are better when I get up early, but I really struggle. I saw this book on Money Saving Mom blog and she recommended it. I thought I would give it a try.  I have enjoyed reading the small entries every day.  I have not been successful at getting up every day on time, but I think there is some wisdom behind this book.  (But there is also wisdom behind getting some sleep when you are up half the night with a teething baby too!)

Believe, Hilary Weeks
This was one of the Time Out Classic books I found at the library.  It's very short and can easily be read in one sitting.  It felt down to earth and really inspired me, it just left me feeling good.  Each chapter could easily be a short devotional of it's own.  And while I got it at the library, I really want to add it to my own collection someday.

Two other that I enjoyed reading this month - but not my absolute favorites were:
Mrs. Mike, by Benedict Freeman
If you like Bess Streeter Aldrich books then I think you will enjoy Mrs. Mike.

Into the Whirlwind, by Elizabeth Camden
This is the second book I've read by Camden. She has a couple other books out and I look forward to reading them too.  The book was good.  I didn't enjoy it as much as the first book I read by her, but it was far from bad.  I learned a lot about the Chicago fire when reading this book.

I am almost finished with Women and the Priesthood by Sheri Dew.  It is not a book that I can just sit down and read in one setting.  It is something to read and think about and ponder.  I am enjoying it so far.

February is a short (and busy for us) month, I don't know if I will be able to read as many books as I did in January, but we'll see.

What have you read lately that you enjoyed?

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