Monday, August 6, 2007


I can hardly wait for Eclipse to come out tomorrow! I am so hooked on Stephanie Meyer books. Twilight was recommended by an old roommate who admitted she too was leary of vampire books. But after picking it up, she couldn't put it down. I owe a lot of great reading hours to my great friend now!

I've had such a hard time getting over Harry being over, so this will be a great way to take my mind off him and submerge myself into another good book. It's so hot and muggy outside that at this point nothing can come close to cranking on the AC and curling up on the couch with Edward and Bella! Meyer's descriptions of his cool composition always gives me the chills, but their romance - that heats things up, right? (OK, that was super cheesy!!)

The looming question is will Bella become a vampire? Most everyone that I recommend this book too loves Edward and can't wait for this to happen. I know people aren't happy with me for this, but I on the other hand have a huge fascination with Jacob. Meyers promises that Bella will have to make some important decisions about this in the third book. I hope that she chooses Jacob, but deep down I believe that she will ultimately have to choose Edward.

I hate to be a spoil sport, but I don't think that Bella will become a vampire in this book either. Meyers is releasing a fourth book this spring. What would that book entail if Bella and Edward were together forever? Maybe she will be keeping Jacob around...a girl can only hope!

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