Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Wee Free Men

Terry Pratchett
4 stars

This book is a fantasy book, and one of the few books that has made me laugh out loud. The main character is a 9 year old girl Tiffany Aching, who has to rescue her younger brother from a wicked Fairy Queen. The Wee Free Men of the title are small blue pixie like men who help her out. They are rather bad-mannered: drinking, swearing in their pixie language, and always looking for a fight. They are also rather endearing. Tiffany herself is a smart and resourceful girl, who isn't into boys or fashion or verly concerned with her looks. She makes a great protagonist.

I recomended this book to a daughter of a friend who is 13 and a smart, take charge kind of girl, and she really liked it. There are two follow up books to this one, A Hat Full of Sky and Wintersmith. They are also very good. Terry Pratchet is one of my husbands favorite authors. And this is my favorite of his books that I've read.

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