Monday, September 24, 2007


Scott Westerfeld
3 Stars

Tally made it and is now a Special. Shay is as well and they are together doing Special tricks. I liked this book a tad big more than I liked Pretty, but only because I really enjoyed the ending. There were also some fun twists that I did not see coming that I enjoyed.

Shay was rather annoying throughout the series to me, and I was really not happy that she was the boss over Tally. I was glad in the end that Tally and Shay were able to reconcile their differences and become better friends. I was also glad that Tally was able to stand up on her own two feet and go a different way.

I know that there is a fourth edition of this series coming out, I do not believe I will be reading it. Since this book was summed up nicely I believe I will leave it at that.

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