Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Book of a Thousand Days

Book of a Thousand Days
Shannon Hale
4 Stars

Maybe it's because I had just started the fourth Harry Potter book, which is one of my favorites, the day that I got Book of a Thousand Days in the mail from my sister that I felt a little rushed to read it. I knew I would love it, it's by Shannon Hale, but I was torn between two good books and couldn't decide which one to read first. Since Book of a Thousand Days is relatively short, I opted for it, and I believe the only reason that it doesn't get 5 stars is I rushed it.
Written after a Grims Fairy tale, Hale tells us the story of Datshi, a maid who is shut in a tower for seven years with her Lady due to her refusal to marry a man that she isn't in love with and despises.
It's a classic Shannon Hale book, there is romance and mystery all wrapped up in this fairy tale of a book. I enjoyed it and recommend it, although I really believe that the Bayern books are my favorite by far (Goose Girl, Enna Burning, River Secrets).
If you still haven't read any of the books by Shannon Hale - I totally recommend you look her up today, you will not be disappointed.


StrykerLOVE said...

Oh I LOVE this book! Good thing you read it too - I love that you have a book list site. You should update it more often because I come for advice. Sometimes you just draw a blank when you get the the library you know?

Andrea said...

I just adore Shannon Hale period! Her books are fantastic reads! So I think the reason why I liked this book SO much, is because it is the first single book (thats not in a series) that I LOVED LOVED! I have been so stuck in reading series books, that it was refreshing to read something that stood on its own, and was SO good and intriguing all by itself! Does that make sense??? Anyways, I always love to see the books you read and comment on! keep it up

Oh ya, I am so happy that we get to have your cute little family here in Iowa for a few more extra months!

StrykerLOVE said...

Debbi - I would love to take you up on that offer. I read all the time - I joined that good reads web site but never ever visit or update or anything like that and think the blog format is better. Its hard to find 'readers' around the neighborhood so don't mind joining a group on the web! Let me know the details of how you want it to be.

Anonymous said...
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Debbi said...
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