Sunday, August 24, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn
Stephenie Meyer

3 1/2 stars

So I know, some people might not want to be my friend after this review, but it's an opinion. I can like red, you can like blue. It's what makes this life interesting, different opinions. So, if you are going to leave me a nasty comment about how I am wrong, please keep it to yourself. I don't think anyone else is wrong who loves this book. This is just what I think.

I think the easiest way to post this will be list form.


Imprinting. I've thought the idea is strange and wrong since the first introduced and really was disappointed that Jacob imprinted. My main complaint with this is that he imprinted with a half-vampire. I thought the whole point of imprinting was to make sure that the pack "line" continues. How will that work with a half-vampire? I think I would have been happier if he would have just ended up running off with Leah and never imprinting.

Carlise - is he a super Dr. or not? If he has had all these years of medical training, then why couldn't he do more for Bella. I understand that he was dealing with a half vampire baby, but he was on a hunting trip when he had just said it would be any day. He also I think could have just done some sort of C-section and taken the baby out at anytime. It just seemed so strange to me that he left during this critical period.

Rose was so freaky during this book. I really didn't like her. I know she was thinking about the baby but she was strange. I also missed Alice, she was absent for so much of the story, even before she left. I like Alice.

Bella's love for this baby. Ok, I know some mom's love their baby from the second they take the pregnancy test, that's great, but most of these women aren't carrying a baby who for all they know will eventually kill them when they are born. Most of these women aren't Bella, who was so against turning into her mom - getting married at an early age and having a baby so fast. I think that if someone told me that I was carrying a monster baby who was going to kill me, it would be something to think about. Bella was so passive about it, she never even had one doubt. It really bothered me.

The book was getting a bit predictable. There was a whole section at the beginning about the immortal babies. Of course Bella was going to have a baby after that. It was so easy to see.

Not that I wanted Stephenie Meyer to write more graphic descriptions of the physical encounters that Bella and Edward had, but Bella didn't even remember certain aspects. Edward breaks a headboard in half and she doesn't even know? Where is her head, she is still a human woman at this point in the story. Seemed a little strange.

At the end of the book Bella makes a comment to Jacob and calls him "son." This really bothers me. Really.

Vultri. What's all the hype about. I think it was so over-done. Nothing even happened. Since when do they let you walk away - or even walk away themselves? It bothered me there wasn't even a fight. I wanted a fight and some excitement after all the talk about it.

Basically everything was so too-good-to-be-true. I like happy endings, but I think Harry Potter had a happy ending too and people died and bad things happened in it too. Something should have happened, but instead we got everything wrapped up in a pretty little package with a boy on top. It was just too over the top for me. I think a good ending would have been Bella becoming a vampire, even having the baby, but not having Jacob too - that made it too much.

Didn't it bother anyone how "in-love" Bella seemed with Jacob each time he came to visit. Sure, it was the baby, but I really thought this was strange. She had just got married and now each time she saw this different boy she got all happy and giddy.


I am glad that Jacob became the Alpha. Really happy that he stepped it up.

The chapter titles in Jacob's section really cracked me up. They made me smile and I loved them.

Jacob's section. I know a lot of people didn't like this but if we read this in Bella's point of view I think all we would have heard is "I am pregnant, sick and feel like crap." It was much more interesting from Jacob's point of view.


Perhaps if I re-read this book I might like it more. I'm not going to re-read it for a while. If I have to pick a favorite book out of the series it would be book two.

I am happy that Bella is with Edward. The reason I didn't enjoy the book doesn't come down to the fact that I was a "Team Jacob." I never thought that Jacob would win her over in the end. I just can't stress how much happier I would have been if he would have gone off alone or with Leah then imprint.

Again, these are just my thoughts. I don't think you are wrong if you like it, so please don't tell me I am wrong. We are all entitled to our own opinion.


Andrea said...

YES...a review finally!!HA I agree in many ways. Once again I will say I did not hate the book, it just was my least favorite of the entire series. I mostly am irritated by the-- way too over done "happily ever after" ending. It could have still ended in a "Happy" way, just not the way that SM wrote it. I was annoyed by Bella through most of the book, and just felt like maybe SM rushed this 4th book a little too much due to all of the fans. I think it had the potential to be MUCH better than it was. I too will be re-reading it again at some point, and see if I feel differently the second time around. I still love Twilight the best--and have a lot of respect for SM and her talent.

Nicole *Ü* said...

I actually really liked the book and was surprised by how many people didn't. However, listening to everyone's opinions I agree with a lot of them - overdone, all wrapped up too neatly/perfectly, and so on. My biggest complaint with the book was that it's supposed to be billed as a young adult book, yet the "intimacy," while extremely tastefully done, is, in my opinion, completely inappropriate for teenagers. Those of us who are moms reading it, it's fine, but I will not let my girls read this series and have recommended the same to some friends. Looking back, I agree that the change in Bella is too unbelievable, but I actually liked her in this book while I despised her in the other 3. I only began to like her a bit at the end of Eclipse. I'm the odd ball out and didn't love these books like anyone else. I will re-read them at some point though to give them a second chance. I loved Jacob's section and was shocked about the imprinting on Renesmee and agree that he probably should have just gone off with Leah, although I loved him becoming the alpha. I did love Bella's transformation. I thought it was interesting and very descriptive, although originally I did not want her to become a vampire and was braced to be upset when she did. The whole baby thing was odd. And I so agree about the Volturi - what a HUGE disappointment the ending was. I think Stephenie Meyer was just trying to please everybody and instead ended up disappointing the majority of her fan base.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I can finally read everyones reviews! Well, I actually really loved the book, I'm surprised so many people thought it was too happy. For me, there were so many challanges in the other books, and I was really hoping everything would work out in the end, so when it did I thought it was great!

lilivw said...

This was my least favorite of all the books. In fact,I didn't really enjoy it much until I was finished reading. I was glad Bella and Edward got married. The intimate situations were great for an older audience but I feel like Nikki - not appropriate for the intended audience. I also liked that Jacob and Bella's relationship evolved into a nice friendship and that he could co-exist with the vampires.

The imprinting really bothered me - especially when it happened with an infant. I realize it isn't sexual but it takes away choice and I don't like that premise. Also, I kept waiting for more and different. The story just didn't feel complete. It was long enough just not filling.