Sunday, April 26, 2009

That's Faith

That's Faith
Timothy Carver
5 Stars

The book, That's Faith was developed from a question asked by a youth about how one could measure faith. Brother Carver, a seminary teacher, developed a 10 part lesson for his class, which he then shared with many other classes, at firesides, and now a book.

The ten topics discussed in the book include: honesty, prayer, scripture study, media, music, family, friends, dating, modesty, chastity, sabbath, tithing, priesthood, missions, service and the word of wisdom. Each chapter is only a few short pages long, they all begin with a quote, or scripture, some sort of analogy discussing the topic and then the author shares a personal story about each topic. The final page in each chapter consists of a short "worksheet" where a few questions are asked and readers can rate their faith with a score of 0-10 (10 being highest). There is also a goal listed at the end of each section that readers can think about and work on.

I really enjoyed the analogies at the beginning of the chapters and a few of the short stories. My favorite was about a lesson on modesty that one of the author's friends shared with the young women in her ward. She had brought fresh doughnuts on fast Sunday, all the girls could see and smell but not taste, because of their fasting. The object lesson showed the young women how dressing immodesty can tempt young men.

I thought this book was really though provoking and really appropriate for it's teen-age audience. It was the right length, and touched on very important doctrine without going over the heads of teenagers or losing their attention. I have both a niece and nephew graduating from high school this year and think this would be a great gift to give to them. I found many aspects of my life where I can work on improving my faith. Because of the length I can read this book in just one afternoon, so I look forward to reading and rereading this book again in the future.

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