Friday, April 24, 2009

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins
5 Stars
I finished this book late last night and all I have to say is I can't wait until September for the second book! How sad! I loved it and want to read more.
Set in the ruins of what used to be our present day North America is the country of Panem, which is made up of the capital (who controls the country) and 12 districts. Each year the capital builds an arena and hosts what are called The Hunger Games, a reality tv type show that is to the death. Katniss, the main character of the story volunteers when her younger sister is selected to be part of the games.
Survival kicks in and Katniss has to face a lot of different challenges, including love. I really enjoyed the book and could have finished it in one day if I would have had the time. I also think it might make an interesting kind of movie.
This is a young adult book, my sister recommended it to me and she had her 10 year old boy read it, who also enjoyed it. If you are looking for a lot of blood and guts, surprisingly by the description, this isn't the book for you. But trust me, it's a good and interesting read. I also think if you liked Twilight, or the Uglies you would like this book. Check it out.


Susan said...

I just reviewed this one on my blog. I loved, loved, loved it and cannot wait for the sequel either. Hurry up, September!

Anonymous said...

I loved the book too! Just finished it and will be writing a review soon. September wont come soon enough! Thanks for the good review.