Monday, April 20, 2009

Winds of Hope

Winds of Hope
Anita Stansfield
4 Stars

The Winds of Hope is the third chapter of the Jayson Wolfe story - and I believe the final book. I was eager to see what happened after the second book, so I read this book fairly fast and loved it.

I loved certain parts of this book, the way that Jayson was introduced to the gospel and the building of his testimony. I loved little Trevin when he told his mom that he needed a copy of the Book of Mormon to give to a friend, it was too cute not to love!

I'm glad that Jayson and Elizabeth were finally able to make it work out and get together - of course I knew that they would eventually get together, it's an Anita Stansfield and they have to get together for it to be a good book by her! I'm also glad that we got to have everything out in the air between the two of them, it felt like such a relief.

There were some parts I didn't expect, the entire ending part with Jayson's family I didn't see coming, but I felt glad that it was part of the book. Macy came back too! I was almost certain that this would happen, but I am so glad it did. I knew that Macy would most likely join the church as well, but I didn't expect it to happen at the same time. I also didn't see her and Aaron together forever, but then again, this made it a happy ending all the way around. I enjoyed the part about when Aaron found out who Jayson was - including the part about believing in forever.

I thought the whole series was fun to read. It had predictable moments, but also moments I didn't see coming. I'm glad it brought up some real issues, teen pregnancy, abuse, adoption, runaways, depression, drug dependency, divorce, and much more - and that we see through this book that the Atonement takes care of all our pain and suffering, no matter the kind.

I recommend this series to anyone who loves Anita Stansfield or needs a clean romance series to read.

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