Monday, December 7, 2009

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn
Stephenie Meyer
4 Stars
Short and sweeter than the first time around.
This book is still a little bit out there for more me. I liked it a tad more this time around than the first but it still just isn't my favorite out of the series. I really would be just fine if the series ended with the 3rd book - Jacob leaving, Bella choosing Edward, everyone happy.
I reread it and I'm glad I did. I hope that by the time they get to this movie it will be pretty fun to watch. My lenghier first time review of the book can be read (here) and I still feel a lot of the same way, just less bothered this time around, maybe because I knew exactly how everything was going to turn out.

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SweetWICK said...

Hey! Interesting blog. Although Breaking Dawn was my favorite in the series...I could see a happy finish with the more strings and what is done is done...I'm glad Bella turned into a vampire, though! Nice Blog!