Thursday, May 5, 2011

100 Decorating ideas under $100

100 Decorating ideas under $100
Better Homes and Garden Publications
5 Stars
96 pages

I love Better Homes and Garden special publication magazines!  This series, 100 Decorating ideas under $100 is hands down one of my favorites out of all their publications.  I pick it up every time I see a new one published (I believe it is once a season).

I tag a lot of the pages in these books.  One of my favorite projects I took on after reading the first one I picked up was painting a dresser for our nursery.  At the time I had a 14 month old girl, but new she would soon start sharing her room with a new baby brother.  I had an old dresser I was going to refurbish white so it would be general neutral, but after reading (and drooling) over a picture in this magazine, I went for it and ended up painting it a color similar to candy apple.  It turned out perfect and I love how how it matches everyone's decor in the room.

I can't wait for the next season to come out, in fact writing this posts makes me feel inspired to go look for it and start a new project!

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