Saturday, June 30, 2007

First-Time Mom

First-Time Mom
Dr. Kevin Leman
4 Stars
As far as parenting books go, I love Dr. Leman. Yes, in general, I love a lot of different parenting books, but Dr. Leman hits very high marks in my book. This book is a great book for a baby shower. I picked it up when my oldest was already almost 2 and we were thinking about number 2 on the way. Dr. Leman gives practical advice for any mom or parent. (He also writes marriage books as well).

He has 5 children and I love the stories he tells about his household as they were all growing up. While Dr. Leman is not a member of my faith, he shares very similar strong family values and I LOVED the chapter in this book about whether a mom should work or not.

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