Saturday, June 30, 2007


Stephanie Meyer
5 Stars
A superb read! One of my blogging friends, who was a past roomate read this book and suggested it to me. I did not want to read a vampire novel. After a few months of it lurking in the back of my mind I finally checked it out from the library and gave it the 10 page test. It passed. I couldn't put it down.

This is not your typical vampire book. It’s a romantic thriller. It’s about a forbidden love. It’s something you cannot put down. There is not much information I can disclose without giving away a lot of the book. Bella is the new girl in town and falls in love with Edward, a vampire. The plot thickens as their relationship develops. I read this book in two days, over Mother’s Day weekend. All I kept saying to my husband was, “I just want to be left in my room alone with my vampire book!”

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