Monday, July 2, 2007

Cold Sassy Tree

Cold Sassy Tree
Olive Ann Burns
4 Stars

I read this book for a book club and wasn't to sure about it at first. It is told by Will Tweedy, a 14 year old boy living in a small rural town in Georgia during the turn of the century. The plot of the book thickens as Will's Grandmother dies and his Grandfather continues to marry Miss Love, a much younger woman from the north...a Yankee! The book cracked me up at times and had times that were thought provoking as well. I grew up mostly in small southern towns and some of the people in the book reminded me of people from these towns. It was a fantastic read.

There is a TV movie that was created from this book if you are having a hard time getting interested, or just want to be lazy and watch the movie. (It's ok, I'm lazy sometimes too!) There are fun parts of the book left out of the movie, but if you were a Dr. Doogie Howser fan, then check it out today, he plays Will!

Oh, and there is a sequal to this book, Leaving Cold Sassy. I haven't had the chance to read it yet. It's on my list.

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