Monday, July 2, 2007

Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter Series
J.K. Rowling
5 Stars

If you have been alive in the past ten years - then you know about Harry Potter. There is no way around this phenomenon. The movies are one thing, but the books, ahhh, the books are much much better then the movies. And, besides, if you read the books you will no longer need to wonder what is happening next, since the last book of the series comes out later this month!

The fourth book was one of my favorites. The World Cup Quidditch match is incredible. I love that we get to see characters from other magic schools like Hogwarts. I love that romances start to develop. I don't have younger children reading it so the darker parts of this book didn't' bother me at all, but were inviting to the plot of the series.

In the fifth book Harry came off a little whinny. So the sixth book is my favorite, at least for a few more weeks until I get my hands on the seventh. I can't wait till the sixth movie. I think I will cry the entire time knowing the ending.

My question right now is, is Snape good or bad? What do you think? I haven't yet figured it out yet.

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kh said...

Hi Debbie

I came across this site from you "other blog" which shows as a frequent on my Tastes of Home site. I am an avid reader and love to share ideas about good books and take suggestions on what to read.

Anyway, I have to agree the Harry Potter series, while it is drawing to a close, is by far some of my most favorite books. JK Rowling is incredible. Harry's life and the extent of his adventures are truly inspired. If you haven't checked out her wedsite, you must, it's darling.

I have to say the 6th book was my fav too. It made me cry, I am a cry baby and can't help but feel moved when something touches me. So, I too can't wait for the movie, I will be bringin the Kleenex.

This book blog is a swell idea. Hope you don't mind if I check it again, and again.

Since we seem to share two of the same loves (books and food) if you are ever interested in becoming a contributor, let me know, I'd love to have you.

~Kristen Hansen