Saturday, April 19, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
J.K. Rowling
5 stars

When I first read this book I seriously was left with way more questions than answers. I was thoroughly confused and couldn’t wait for the seventh book to come out. I read it and re-read it a few times. Now that I’ve been able to finish the entire series, I really enjoyed this book. It’s no wonder that it took Rowlings so many years to create this complex world of Harry Potter and weave and design the story just so. It amazes me each time I read it.

I think the biggest question when you read this book is about Snape – is he good or bad? I still have such a hard time liking him a lot, even knowing the ending. I do feel sad for him. This story also is the first time I really start to feel sad for the Malfoy family, I was so sad for Draco and so happy at the same time that in the end he really didn’t have it in him to be such a bad person.

I also enjoy this book because of the romance involved in it between Harry and Ginny. Finally! Ginny waited so long to get Harry attention and I really think they are the perfect couple.

The ending of this book always makes me cry...and my husband always makes fun of me for it, but I don’t care. I cry at the end when Harry leaves Ginny. I also cry because I love Dumbledore so much. I love that he lets Harry grow and figure out problems on his own. I love his wisdom and lectures from previous books. I have to admit I am rather sad and disappointed with what Rowling had to say about Dumbledore after all the books were released. I saw nothing that pointed to this and love the stories without that worldly addition.

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