Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday - Series

Series. A good series of books can over take your life for months, sometimes even years. In Harry Potter's case, 7 years. Harry Potter is among my very favorite series. I would rank it above Twilight. I think that Rowlings development if characters over time was impressive. In this case seven books was perfect. Some even argue that the epilogue should have been continued in a whole other book.

I loved Twilight. I think Twilight is a great love story, and argue with me if you must, but 7 books would be overkill and I think Stephenie Meyer knows that so she is ending with 4. Four books will be perfect. I know many of you can't believe that I'm a Jacob Black fan, but what would the books be without him? Every good love story has to have a twist.

If you loved Twilight, I will say it again - read A Great and Terrible Beauty. There are only two in this series now and a 3rd one coming out later this year. Libba Bray is a witty author. She says in her biography that she loves Target. You can't argue with a girl who loves Target!

Now I must admit, most of the series I love have been LDS Fiction. If you aren't LDS you would still enjoy them, don't' let that scare you off. My top LDS Fiction series would have to be Work and the Glory. This nine book series I read last year. It took me a little over nine months and these are ones I could read and reread. I loved seeing the stories come to life and I was able to visit a lot of the sites where these saints lived. Church history had always been boring to me until I read these books.

Also top on my list of LDS fiction: Dean Hughes. The Hearts of the Children and The Children of the Promise were fun series to read. Each book follows the Thomas family of Salt Lake City. The Children of the Promise is set during WWII and The Hearts of the Children follows the next generation of children through the 1960's. My favorite out of the two had to be The Hearts of the Children, the 60's were fascinating times for me.

What is your favorite series? Do you love the time it takes to read one or find you want to move on to other books and other stories? What about children book series? I loved Babysitters Club, Nancy Drew, American Girls. Did you read series as a child?


The Perry Family said...

i think i like twilight series better than harry. i never thought that i would say that though, but i do. maybe it is because i'm reading it right now.

Susan said...

Okay, I think you hit all of my favorite series, although I have actually only read the first Work and the Glory. I also like Adriana Trigiani's Big Stone Gap series and Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Sarah said...

I don't think you can get better series than Harry Potter and Twilight, they suck me into them like nothing else and I love that. Totally take over my life :) I loved The Babysitter Club books too when I was a kid and the Anne of Green Gables series is my all-time favorite kids series. LOVE them :)

birnels said...

I LOVE twilight and I loved the work and the glory series. I have read the first 3 harry potters and really liked them, I'll have to finish those and also try out some of your other suggestions.

Stephanie said...

I tooo loved HP (so sad to see it end) and Twilight and New Moon were both good reads, but I heard that Eclipse wasn't so hot. I will have to read it sometime, at least to find out what has been going on with Edward/Jacob/Bella. I read A Great and Terrible Beauty on vacation, but found myself not at all that interested in the story - it might also have been the fact that the ocean in Jamaica was beckoning me!

Anonymous said...


Gaia Girls Book Series is a fantastic new book series that features GIRL ECO-Heroes.

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Allison said...

I have to say that my favorite series as an older kid was the Chronicles of Narnia. They have great stories, characters and adventure. I was just old enough, and just aware enough to catch the metaphorical aspects of the books. (Although I'm sure that I would get more now if I reread them.)
Another series that I love is the "Love Comes Softly" Series by Janette Oke. She actually tends to write most of her books in series, so she has several. This one is my favorite, because it was my first, and because you get to know the characters so well, and follow them for such a long time. It's just great. You should check it out!
And I love the Harry Potter series. Book #4 hasn't come back into the library here yet, so I'll just keep waiting. :)