Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Moon - 4th Time

New Moon
Stephenie Meyer
5 Stars

This is my favorite book out of the whole series. I know, for most people this is their least favorite and I can see why, but if you don't already know what team I'm on, I just love Jacob Black.

I know all the arguments, he is immature, he is goofy, but I think he is fun, warm and tries so hard to please Bella and I really just love cheering for the underdog. I've read the whole series, I know who wins in the end. But I still love him, plus he he sounds just so cute to me. If I were casting the movie - I am still set on this is the person I could cast... click on the picture for the story....

I am looking forward to the movie later this month. No, unfortunately I am not going to be standing in line at midnight..instead I get to leave my kiddos and go on a residency retreat with my husband that weekend! However, I am opting for the good company of going with one of my sisters a week later. I can't wait, the trailers look promising.

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